Cutomer feedback is priceless

Cutomer feedback is priceless

Customer feedback is priceless...


Good or bad, feedback can make you a better company. And as a company that is only a month old, it's priceless. Specially when its feedback that validates what we do and stand for in such a strong way.

I got this email last night from an Outplay customer who wanted to know when their order would be shipped. I explained we were in the process or receiving our products from the factories we work with and that I appreciated their patience since we're still working out kinks and issues with timing with our factories. I thanked them for their patience as we launched Outplay and thanked them even more for their support of our new business. What I got as a response made this very sensitive designer/business woman very emotional and proud to know I can make a difference with my art and my dedication to my art.

I asked Beth if I could share their words with all of you and they very graciously said, "Of course!" This is what they wrote:


Thank you again! You're doing incredibly important work through this business/ line and are creating comfortable experiences for countless individuals like myself in that I've been avoiding swimming, comfortable exercise, and the like for a number of years. To know I won't be doing any further damage to my ribs/ etc. and that I will be able to join friends and family while swimming again is something I never thought I'd be partaking in prior to surgery in the next few years. Thank you and everyone involved.




Thank you Beth for your inspiring words!! We strive to do the best work possible and make a difference in our customers' lives in the process.

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