Different Compression Levels

Different Compression Levels

Compression Levels


Their Differences

Compression tops are what we're known for at Outplay but do you know about all the different levels of compression that we offer? 


We offer compression tops made for water activities and compression tops for all other activities. You can pick from midriff tops, long-torso cut midriffs, racer-backs, and full coverage tops, all in different levels of compression. Some of our compression tops are available in 3 different levels, and some just come in one very specific compression level.  We're going to dive into the different compression levels we offer in order to help you to pick the right fit and compression for you.


No Compression

Tops that are described as having no compression are similar to traditional swimwear or sportswear. The tops are made with fabrics that stretch and are lined but they do not have any additional materials that create any additional compression. For example a Flatriver with no compression will fit and feel similar to a traditional swimsuit. If you're looking for a swim suit top thats comfortable, has the coverage you're looking for, but you don't really want or need any compression, this is the best level for you.



Low Compression

Low compression tops have a special mesh material in the front of the top, between the outer fabric and the lining. This special mesh material stretches much less than the other fabrics we use to create the top, which is what creates the light compression. Because the compression is only focused on the front of the top, it creates a light hold over the chest area. If you're looking for a light hold or some control, this would be a good level of compression. 




High Compression

In the high compression tops we incorporate the special mesh material in the front and the back of the top, creating a much stronger hold on your torso, which in turn creates much more compression and a flatter look. The compressing materials are found between the outer layer of fabric and the lining, so you not only not see this mesh material, but it never ouches your skin, which avoids any rashes or discomfort. The compressing materials are found throughout the entire top in most tops so you will feel the compression throughout the entire area the top covers. In the case of longer full-coverage tops like the Flatriver or Flatsea, the compression will cover your chest and abdomen area. 


Super Compression

Even though our compression tops are not binders, we did hear a lot of you ask us for additional compression that could give you a stronger hold, much more similar to a traditional binder. Because of this, we created what we call super compression that you can find in the Flatsea S.  In this compression swim top you have the special compressing mesh material throughout the front and back of the top, plus an additional piece of a stronger compressing mesh material that is found only over the chest area. This compression swim top hold and flattens much more than any other top, while still being flexible enough to allow you to move and be active in it. Although the compression is much stronger than what you can find in our other compression tops, it's still safe to wear for log periods of time without causing any issues on your skin or your organs.  We always recommend you only wear Outplay compression tops if you're comfortable and can breath with no restrictions regardless. 


Of course, we're working on creating new ways to create comfortable and reliable compression tops for different needs and body shapes. Always keep in mind our compression tops, both for water activities and for everyday workouts and wear, are not binders and will never have the same flattening capacity of a traditional binder. Our compression tops are made to be safe, can be worn for long periods of time without causing harm to your skin or your body. But we still want you to be safe and listen to your body. If the compression top is too tight, feels like it may be restricting your breathing, or your movements, please be safe and take it off. 

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