We're adding extra strength compression!

You spoke, we listened and the result is pretty cool.

There is something really special about getting to hear directly from our customers; the good and the bad. Thankfully there is a lot more good than bad and the bad is usually not really bad. We wanted to let our customers know we listen very closely to everything you tell us. This is why we are adding an extra strength compression level to our Flatsea.

Our compression tops aren't binders, they can never be as tough as traditional binders as our compression tops are swimwear and they are made to be active in so the spandex materials we use will always stretch a lot more than any fabric used in traditional binders. But we heard a lot of you ask for more compression so we're working on an option. For those of you who want or need more compression, we have designed and are working on creating an extra strength compression version of our very popular Flatsea. We'll start with the Flatsea and as we continue to grow and see how this new compression level does, we will add it to the rest of our compression tops.

How did we do this? Well, we went back to the drawing board and added a few details in the inner layers of the Flatsea that would create more compression. First we took a close look at traditional binders and thought of how we can incorporate some of the aspects and cuts of these binders into our swimwear tops. Taking into consideration our swimwear tops are made with spandex and much more stretchable fabrics, we ran a few tests to see how we can still reach a higher level of compression.

Outplay pattern making for new extra compression Flatsea

An extra layer of a super tightly knit stretchable fabric was added to the front and back of the Flatsea, creating a tighter level of compression. This fabric is what is called power knit. Now there is the compression material thought out the entire Flatsea, plus the super tight power knit fabric only over the chest area for maximum compression and a crisscross layer of the power mesh in the back to help with creating maximum compression.

Outplay making for new extra compression Flatsea queer swimwear, binder, tomboy swimwear, lesbian swimsuit

The sample makers were meticulous in making sure this new layer was placed in just the right area in order to reach the best results. It took a few tries but we think we've got it down.

This is the inside of the back side of the extra strength compression Flatsea.

(we're still working on a name for this compression level. If you have any suggestions, let us know!)

This is the first fitting after we put it all together. We're still working on a few tiny details, like that little bubble at the bottom of the neckline and we're raising the neckline just a bit more, but the extra compression level is very noticeable, don't you think?

Outplay Extra strength compression Flatsea test sample

As soon as we have the final sample ready, we will have a price for it and we will begin offering it at pre-sale pricing for the first 30 days, like we usually do with all our new products. They will be available for this summer!

Like the new compression level? Have anything you'd like to say to us? Let us know in the comments, or write to us at hello@outplaywear.com

June 19, 2017 — Outplay

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