Models Wanted

Models Wanted

Outplay is just in its beginning stages, and we've gotten a pretty good start with our pre-order sale. Thank you for all the support from not only from those who have trusted us with your orders, but for those who have spread the word to your friends! We're getting our first order in from the factory in the coming 2 weeks and deliveries will begin to head out. We're taking care of so many little details but there's something really big missing and that's great photos of our products.

In order to get our photo shoot done just right, we're going to ask for your help. We want to invite everyone to nominate yourselves or your hot friends to be our models! At the end, we're going to pick 5 models for our shoot in South Florida! On the beach and in the water!!


1. You must put a picture of yourself or the friend you are nominating, up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag the person in the picture. We need the name or handle of the person in the photo ( if the picture is not of yourself, you must have permission of your friend to post the picture)

2. Tag Outplay in which ever of the media you choose to post in. (handles are at the bottom of the post)

3. Use the hashtag #outplaymodel

4. You must be able and willing to be in South Florida for the shoot, we will not be covering costs for travel or lodging

Lets keep them clean, no nudity or offensive shots, they will not be accepted as part of the contest.

We'll put all the pictures up on our blog and we'll give you the chance to vote for who you want to see in our photo shoot!

The models chosen will be part an afternoon of fun, food, and will get to keep one of the pieces of clothing from our available line. Of course, you'll also be on our website looking hot in your Outplay threads!!


We'll keep you informed with time and date for the shoot as we are coordinating everything with Miami Beach permits and the photographer.

Thank you and let's have fun!!





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