New Outplay Size Chart

New Outplay Size Chart

We have a new Outplay size chart and it's better than ever.  

Since launching in 2014 we've continually made changes to our products, making them better and better with every update.  One of the slight changes we've made has been adjusting our sizing to better fit your needs and comfort. 

This is the second time we've changed a few things on our size chart to better fit our customers. Let's get into what we changed in more detail.

When I fist launched Outplay in 2014, I launched it with two samples. A Swimmee and a Flatsea. I only had the samples and needed to pre-sell them, not only to test to see if there was an interest in what I had invented, but to actually go into production. There was enough interest in these two compression swim tops that I paid for the full first production of these two new tops with the pre-orders that came in through the Outplay site. It was so exciting! It had taken me almost 2 years to really get the sizing and the design to the point where we could actually go into production. We started with the size chart I had come up with while founding and launching a previous clothing line and took all the testing I had done with these new swimwear compression tops and landed on a pretty tight size chart. 

As we grew and added more products cuts, and styles, we started to get a lot of great feedback from our customers. These feedback, and a lot more testing and fitting, lead me to make a few teaks to our sizing as well as some detail changes to our tops. Armholes were cut slightly different in order to continue to offer full coverage on the sides but allowing for easier and more comfortable arm movement. Necklines were opened up a bit more, still keeping them high enough to cover any spillage or cleavage from showing, but also allowing for more ease in movement. Our size chart changed some as well as I opened up the measurement guide in order to allow a wider range of body shapes and sizes to find their size in an easier, more accurate way. 

A lot has changed since our last update. We've grown as a company and our customers have grown so there are a lot more of you giving us feedback. As we get ready to introduce new and revolutionary products we've been working on for some time now, we felt it was the perfect time to refresh our size chart again. 

As a small family-owned and run business that's been bootstrapped since we launched, it takes us a bit longer to introduce new products but when we do, it's so worth the wait. With these new launches coming up soon, comes a new updated and much more inclusive size chart. We've taken all the feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly (thankfully there has been minimal ugly) and put it to good use. I've taken a million measurements, listened really closely to feedback, tested product after product in different sizes and compression levels, and I've updated our size chart according to all of it. 

For the first time, we are adding sizes XXS and 3XL to a lot of our products. Slowly but surely we'll be adding these new sizes to all our products. In order to add these new sizes, I made a few changes to the rest of the size guide in order to better help you find the perfect size for you. 



Outplay new extended size chart for tops



If you wear a size M in Outplay, good news, you don't have to try anything out, don't even have to check out the new size chart - you're good. We kept the size M exactly the same as it's been since 2014, just right. 

If you had tried out new Outplay swimwear or sportswear out in the past and fell between a size, this new size chart will help you find a size that fits much better now. A size S was too small but a size M was too big? We got you covered. Size M was too small but a size L was too big - yup, we made some changes to make sure you're now able to find something to fit you like a glove. 

As we continue to grow, thanks to your amazing support, we'll continue to add new sizes. Of course, we continue to listen to all of you and if we need to make adjustments, we will. 

If you have any feedback you'd like to share, please let us know. You can always reach us via email, chat, or text. Feel free to email us at 



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