Still Out of Stock?

Still Out of Stock?

A note from our founder

Dear Outplay family,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how we’re doing and give you an update on restocking of our beloved main products as well as new inventory. You may have noticed we are sold out and still out of stock of a lot of our products and we haven’t introduced a new product in a while. I wanted to be as transparent as possible and let you know what’s going on.

We work with small family-owned factories in Colombia for the vast majority of our products. The reason we work with factories in Colombia is because Colombia produces the best and most innovative fabrics in the world for swimwear and sportswear and they are at the forefront in recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics as well as production methods. The manufacturing process in Colombia is top-notch with the best people making our products so they last really long and don’t need to be replaced so often. We also work with factories in Colombia because we can visit them whenever we want (since we’re just a short plane ride away from Miami), see how things are run, who’s making our clothing and how everyone’s being treated and paid.

I’ve developed very close relationships with not only the factory owners, but in some cases their kids and grandkids. I know the pattern makers, packaging people, sewers, graphics people. These connections and relationships mean a lot to me as we are all family businesses doing what we love and making a difference in our own ways. I also know the more we grow, the more these small businesses will grow as well and be able to hire more people who need jobs to feed their families.

This last year and a half has been hard on most and as many of you know, Outplay went through a really hard time late last year. We made it through because of all of you who believe in what we’re doing and kept us going. Unfortunately the factories we work with are still feeling the huge hurdles and then some, which is where our inventory issues come in. During the pandemic this last year and a half, the Colombian government shut down most of the country so we couldn’t produce anything. In order to keep everyone safe, the factories have been working at less than half their capacity and speed as the country begins to reopen. To make things a bit more complicated, there has been a lot of political unrest in the last 3 weeks that has kept our factories at even less capacity than before and shipping to and from the country has been shut down. Thankfully talks are taking place and there seems to be an end to the unrest coming in the near future.

So our Swimmees, Flatsea's & Flatsea S’s, Tomboiers and all you favorite Outplay products will be back in stock soon. We’ll also be adding new board shorts and swim tops as quickly as we can get them to us in Miami. As we are able to restock and bring in new products, we’ll keep you all posted via email and our social media channels.

From those who have been purchasing Outplay from the first day, to those who just found us, thank you for your continued support and for sharing us with your friends and family.

We are so grateful.


Founder/CEO/Designer Outplay

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