Outplay model wearing gender neutral activewear compression swim top

Outplay Compression Swim Tops

Wondering what Outplay compression top level would work best for you? 

With several different levels of compression available, how do you know which one would be best for you? 

This is a question we get a lot and it’s a hard question to answer because it all depends on what you want to accomplish with the compression and how you want your Outplay gear to look and feel on you. Most of all, it’s about what will make YOU feel your best and most comfortable. 

Outplay compression tops are available in: no compression, low compression, high compression, and super. 

Depending on how the top is made and what materials are used, the compression level is different. 


Here’s how:


 No compression –

the tops we offer with no compression are like regular bathing suits or sports tops. Their cuts are androgynous and gender inclusive but they are made in a variety of traditional fabrics used for swimwear or sportswear. They don’t have any extra support in them or any additional materials that can create any type of compression over the chest or torso. 

Outplay gender neutral compression swim top with no compression


You can try our racerback full coverage top like the Flatriver with no compression for this look. 


Low compression –

the tops offered in low compression have a special mesh material in the front. This mesh material is placed between the outer layer of fabric and the lining and it stretches differently than the inner and outer layers of fabric mentioned. This special mesh fabric creates some compression only from the front as it doesn’t allow the traditional stretch material on the outside to stretch as much as it would on its own. This creates a hold on the front portion of the top. 

 Outplay gender neutral swimwear compression top in low compression level


High compression –

the tops offered in high compression have this special mesh material in both the front and the back and through out the top. When the top fits nice and snug, this special material between the outer layer of fabric and the lining, restricts the stretch of the top enough that it creates a strong hold on your body, hence creating a feeling of compression.

Outplay gender neutral compression swim top in high compression



Super compression –

this level of compression is only offered on the Flatsea S right now. Thats where the S in the name comes from. The Flatsea S has the same mesh material in the front and the back, like the high compression tops and it also has a stronger mesh material only over the chest area to give it even more compressing force over the chest. This option is the strongest hold we have at the moment, that allows you to still move and be active in for long periods of time without causing internal or physical issues. Because the fabrics are constricted in order to create the compression, it’s not the easiest top to put on but once it’s on your body and it fits nice and snug, it will compression your chest very well.

Keep in mind our compression tops are not binders and will not flatten as much as a traditional binder on most people. In order for the compressing materials to do their job and create as much compression as possible, they must fit nice and snug on your body. But never wear something that is too tight, restricts you breathing or movements, and please listen to your body, always. If it's not comfortable for any reason, take it off. 

Every body is different and unique in its own way so explore between different cuts and styles in different compression levels. You might find a particular cut might fit better in one compression level while another cut fits better in another  compression level.

We hope we've helped you find the perfect compression level that fits you just right.

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