RORAIMA - a revolutionary compression top

RORAIMA - a revolutionary compression top

Our latest launch - RORAIMA

The Roraima compression top for everyday comfortable wear. 

Outplay Roraima compression sports top for every day wear - safer alternative to a binder

We've launched a new product!  Not just any product.  It’s one that we’ve spent the last 2 years developing. 

We invented the modern compression top  almost 10 years ago now.!   Wow, saying that out loud sounds old!  Knowing we could do even better, we’ve spent the last 2 years developing an entirely new way of designing and making a compression top just for you.   

We did it and we did it even better than before! 

We listened to you,  the Outplay community, and heard what you liked and what you were missing in our compression tops and we came up with THE RORAIMA.  


This new fabric creates strong compression on your body while being lightweight, breathable, and super comfortable

The Roraima is the first compression top of its kind. 

You can

  • Wear it all day long under any outfit or by itself without worrying about any side effects
  •  Wear it in and out of the water 
  • Wear it when working out and never restricting your breathing  
  • Wear it under your clothes 


  •  Wear it as your clothes and express who you are in it.


It’s so comfortable you will want to live in it!  

It also comes in a variety of colors to match your skin tone or your mood. 

Outplay Roraima compression top color options


AND our sizing is now more size and shape inclusive. The Roraima top will be available in sizes XXS - 3XL.

 Outplay new extended sizing chart for tops 2023


Many of you have asked us where the name Roraima came from.   It’s such a great story that means a lot because of how much it represents everything that encompasses the Roraima compression top.     

Deep in the Amazon rainforest biome in Venezuela, there are flat top mountains called tepuis.

Tepui Roraima in Venezuela image from above 

Tepuis are table-top mountains that are characterized by their flat, steep, and imposing cliffs that rise above the surrounding rainforest and are home to a unique array of plants and animals. 

Many species  are found nowhere else on Earth.

Tepuis are a fascinating and important part of our planet's natural heritage.

The largest, most magnificent of these Tepuis is called Roraima. The Roraima mountain is a majestic sight located at the intersection of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Legend has it that this mountain is the home of the gods and spirits of the indigenous people who inhabit the area.

Many adventurers and explorers have attempted to reach the top, but the steep cliffs and unpredictable weather make it a challenging climbHowever, those who have successfully made it to the summit are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding rainforest and savannah. 

The mystique and allure of Roraima continue to draw people from all over the world to explore its beauty and mystery

Could there be a more perfect name for a compression top with revolutionary material

  • That’s toxin free and kind to the environment
  • Unique to those who inhabit its land of whom are found nowhere else in this earth because each one of you is awesomely unique.
  • With such a strong history where legends come from
  • Where only the strong willed are able to make it to the summit through overcoming so many obstacles. 

And those who are successful in making it to the summit are rewarded with the most breathtaking views of flat mountaintops in the world!     

What do you think?     

Just like the Roraima mountains, the Roraima Compression Top comes in vibrant earthy colors and shades. Starting this first production with these 5 different shades. 

As you know we invented the modern compression top almost 10 years ago now. 

And knowing we could do even better, we’ve spent the last 2 years (*though many more than that planning to make the development possible) developing an entirely new way of designing and making a compression top just for you. 

We did it!  The Roraima  is better than any other compression top out there!  We can't wait for you to try it out yourself!

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