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Summer lovers

Its not officially summer yet but the sun is out and its time to hit the beach! Its time to hang out with your friends and stick your toes in the water.
But does summer time, pool parties and beach outings get you all unraveled because you're tired of not having something comfortable to wear while looking and feeling like your stud self? That's why we created Outplay.

Its been in the works for some time now, and after listening closely, we have come up with our first (of many more to come) styles of tops and bottoms for your summer time fun. So for all butches, bois, femmes, and otherwise-identified summer lovers, we've got you covered! We're introducing our basic pieces first and we will continue adding new styles and colors with time.

Lets start with tops.

Our first 2 pieces include the full coverage top and the mid-drift top. Both are offered with light compression or high compression.
High compression tops will have a very strong hold on your chest, acting similar a binder (but they are not binders as they are swimwear and stretch with your body). They will need a little maneuvering to get into, like a tight rash guard, but they fit comfortably around your chest and hold and tuck what needs to be. It moves with you and no one will ever notice you're wearing anything constraining.
Tops with light compression will hold back nipples and give you a semi-biding look, so if you've had top surgery or just have small breasts and all you need is that extra help to flatten them, or just want to keep everything in place, light compression is perfect for you. It feels like a well fitting sports bra.

This is our mid-drift with a light compression in a size S. We called it the Swimmee

Outplay tomboy swimwear - Swimmee

Outplay tomboy swimwear - Swimmee Mid-drift binder top in navy


This top covers just what you need covered, and holds everything in place, while still allowing for full movement. The neckline is high enough to cover any type of cleavage but is still low enough to feel as comfortable as a T-shit neckline.

Outplay tomboy swimwear back view of a Swimmee


If you're comfortable with a little more covered up, then basic top #2 is more your style; we call it the Flatsea. This swimwear top covers everything it needs to cover and holds in what needs to be held back. Neckline is high, similar to the mid-drift top, and armholes are high as well. In these shots, Alex is wearing a size M so it fits her a little loser and has less of a binding-like effect but still keeps everything where it should and covers what needs to be covered. Keep this in mind when deciding what size to order, its a personal choice.

Outplay tomboy swimwear Flatsea in black front view


Outplay tomboy swimwear Flatsea in black front view


Now lets take a look at the briefs.

Our first two choices are both in the matching Lycra but differ in length. Waist bands are 1" wide and fall slightly above your hips, just like a pair of pants.

Here you see the short briefs in navy and the long briefs in black.

Outplay tomboy swimwear Swimmee and Tomboier shorts


Outplay tomboy swimwear Boi shorts and Flatsea front view




The short briefs (we call them Tomboiers)  fit like short boxer briefs while the longer shorts (we've called Boi Shorts) are close to 3" longer.

Every piece is sold separately so you can mix and match color and sizes. Our first color selection will include a few basic colors and as we grow, we'll continue to add not only new styles and cuts, but of course, new color options as well.

Our first color options are Black, Grey, Navy, Red, & Outplay blue



So go check them out and order them while the sun is still out and hot! Just go to our menu under swimwear or click on the link here.

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Remember, we're here for you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, send them our way via email, Facebook, Twitter, or just leave us a comment right here.

May 16, 2014 — Outplay


Marialexandra Garcia said:

Thanks for the feedback Jay! We’re working on a video where our model will show he difference between both the high and low compression tops. Keep your eyes out for it on our blog.

Toy said:

I love everything about this! I agree with Jay, the more pictures, the better! Especially if you could show the other colors available on a model. Thanks again!

Marialexandra Garcia said:

Thanks Toy! We’re getting ready for a full photo shoot so we can finally show off our swimwear on models!

Jay said:

It would be super great if you could post pictures showing models in the high compression shirts. I’d love to see their binding capabilities on at least an average sized chest. Thank you!

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