What’s Behind The Names of Outplay Swim Trunks

What’s Behind The Names of Outplay Swim Trunks

What’s Behind The Names of

Outplay Swim Trunks

Where do we get these names, you must wonder. For non-Spanish speakers they are complicated names. Heck, even for fluent Spanish speakers they can be a bit tricky sometimes. So where do these names come from and why did we choose them?


Outplay founder and CEO is originally from Venezuela and she decided shortly after founding Outplay she wanted to bring some of Venezuela with her to Outplay and share it with the world. Even if it’s just with a product name, it’s her way of sharing a little bit about where she’s from through Outplay and her passion for what Outplay represents. 


When it comes to Outplay swim trunks, we have names that are inspired by the print we designed and names that come from what the place represents and the scenery Mother Nature shares. 



The name for the Cerro swim trunks is inspired by the details in the print we designed for them. This print includes macaws as well as orchids, which are the national flower of Venezuela.  The macaws are beautifully, colorful birds that were brought to Caracas around 40 years ago by people who had them as pets and later let them go free. They have since reproduced in the wild Avila mountains surrounding the city. They fly in large groups around the city and have become such a staple the city of Caracas is now nicknamed the Island of Macaws.  Cerro is referring to the mountain range called Avila that surrounds the city of Caracas and is home to these amazing macaws. 

Macaw flying over Caracas, Venezuela





The Píritu swim trunks have a wave print made up of tiny "rocks" or dots. These waves represent the continuous tranquil waves around Port Píritu in Venezuela. Known for its clear blue beaches, Playa Puerto Píritu (Port Píritu beach) is a local favorite because of its vast clear beaches and lagoons. 


Playa Pirita Venezuela - name of Outplay Pirate 5" swim trunks




The Cubagua swim trunks are covered in a colorful pattern of our Outplay wave in different shades of blues, greens and some red. Cubagua is a tiny island of the cost of the Island of Margarita in Venezuela. Rich with sea life, pearl oysters and range of cacti on land. 


Isla Cubagua Venezuela


 Playa Palmera


The Playa Palmera 5" swim trunks are covered in palm trees. Named after the beach that's full of palm trees off the coast of Venezuela, just a few hours from Caracas. Palmera means Palm Tree and this beach is covered in them. Just the right amount to get some shade when the sun gets too hot. 


 Playa Palmera Camuri Grande Venezuela


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