Outplay's PRIDE collection

Outplay's PRIDE collection

Outplay's PRIDE collection

PRIDE Miami Beach is this coming April

(yes, it's a little early compared to everyone else in the US but the weather here is just too perfect to not start early).

Here at Outplay we decided to start a new tradition when it comes to Pride. This year we will kick off our annual limited edition Outplay PRIDE collection, which will be available in limited quantities and for a limited time only, every year. Each year we will have a new print and new collection to celebrate PRIDE, starting in April.


This year we created a print by using images of PRIDE events throughout the world and added our own flare.


Outplay Pride collection North Bondi swim top and SoBe shorts


We searched all over for the perfect images and we found tons of amazing photos by great amateur photographers. The names of each of the photographers are by their photo so it's like you're wearing these photographers' signed artwork all over. We added a lot of color and digitally printed it all on our fabric to make the entire collection stand out and celebrate Pride. We also named each piece after LGBT-friendly beaches all over the world.

The collection includes two tops: the Notrh Bondi, which is cut like the beloved Swimmee and comes in both high and low compression, and the Playa Delfines which is cut like our Flatriver and will also come in low and high compressions. The tops include the print on the front and the backs are in either solid black or solid navy. Both the same color and shade as our solid bottoms so you can mix and match with any solid bottom in the store. Bottoms will be the SoBe (of course, in honor of South Beach) which are cut like our famous Tomboiers, and a new one for us, the Playa Dulce Vida, which is a capri legging that hugs your body all the way down and kisses your rear.



Playa Dulce Vida Pride leggings Outplay front view



Playa Dulce Vida Pride leggings Outplay back view - Outplay Pride collection swimwear






Outplay Pride racerback Playa Delfines- Outplay Pride collection swimwear




All of the pieces will be offered at our special pre-order discount prices (20% off) for the first 2 weeks (March 15 - March 31, 2018) and orders will begin to ship out to everyone within the first 2 weeks of April.  If you want to stand out this year for Pride wherever you are in the world, or any time this summer, this collection is made just for you.



Outplay Pride collection 2018 swimwear


You can find them all on our main menu under collections, under PRIDE.

Let us know what you think and if you have ideas for next year's collection, let us know in the comments below.


Happy Pride!

March 14, 2018 — Outplay
It's Gift Giving Time Again!

It's Gift Giving Time Again!

It's Gift Giving Time Again!

It's gift giving time again! OMG where did this year go?!

It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun and we have been having a blast at Outplay again this year. We have loved all your emails, letters, notes, and calls showing us so much love and support. We LOVE everyone of you and we are so grateful to have the best customers in the world. We are incredibly grateful as well every time we get a call to be part of a publication that shows off what Outplay is all about and lets a few more of you awesome people know who we are and what Outplay is all about. This year we got a call from the very awesome people at Tagg Magazine  to be part of their holiday gift guide. We obviously said yes right away. Oh, and the company we share the gift guide with is top notch so don't forget to check out all the other brands on the list while you're crossing gifts off your list.

Take a look! Let us know what you think.


Tagg Magazine holiday list Outplay


And if you can't decide what to get that special someone but you know they really want some Outplay gear, you can always get them a gift card and let them shop their hearts out, all on you!

Happy Holidays! May the craziness begin!

November 22, 2017 — Outplay
Extra Strength Compression

Extra Strength Compression

We're adding extra strength compression!

You spoke, we listened and the result is pretty cool.

There is something really special about getting to hear directly from our customers; the good and the bad. Thankfully there is a lot more good than bad and the bad is usually not really bad. We wanted to let our customers know we listen very closely to everything you tell us. This is why we are adding an extra strength compression level to our Flatsea.

Our compression tops aren't binders, they can never be as tough as traditional binders as our compression tops are swimwear and they are made to be active in so the spandex materials we use will always stretch a lot more than any fabric used in traditional binders. But we heard a lot of you ask for more compression so we're working on an option. For those of you who want or need more compression, we have designed and are working on creating an extra strength compression version of our very popular Flatsea. We'll start with the Flatsea and as we continue to grow and see how this new compression level does, we will add it to the rest of our compression tops.

How did we do this? Well, we went back to the drawing board and added a few details in the inner layers of the Flatsea that would create more compression. First we took a close look at traditional binders and thought of how we can incorporate some of the aspects and cuts of these binders into our swimwear tops. Taking into consideration our swimwear tops are made with spandex and much more stretchable fabrics, we ran a few tests to see how we can still reach a higher level of compression.

Outplay pattern making for new extra compression Flatsea

An extra layer of a super tightly knit stretchable fabric was added to the front and back of the Flatsea, creating a tighter level of compression. This fabric is what is called power knit. Now there is the compression material thought out the entire Flatsea, plus the super tight power knit fabric only over the chest area for maximum compression and a crisscross layer of the power mesh in the back to help with creating maximum compression.

Outplay making for new extra compression Flatsea queer swimwear, binder, tomboy swimwear, lesbian swimsuit

The sample makers were meticulous in making sure this new layer was placed in just the right area in order to reach the best results. It took a few tries but we think we've got it down.

This is the inside of the back side of the extra strength compression Flatsea.

(we're still working on a name for this compression level. If you have any suggestions, let us know!)

This is the first fitting after we put it all together. We're still working on a few tiny details, like that little bubble at the bottom of the neckline and we're raising the neckline just a bit more, but the extra compression level is very noticeable, don't you think?

Outplay Extra strength compression Flatsea test sample

As soon as we have the final sample ready, we will have a price for it and we will begin offering it at pre-sale pricing for the first 30 days, like we usually do with all our new products. They will be available for this summer!

Like the new compression level? Have anything you'd like to say to us? Let us know in the comments, or write to us at hello@outplaywear.com

June 19, 2017 — Outplay
What they are saying about Outplay

What they are saying about Outplay

What they are saying about Outplay

We love getting to hear what our customers have to say about Outplay.

The good and the bad, we learn from all of it.

As a young company, we need to hear from our customers; it's how we best know how we're doing. The good, the bad, and the ugly, it all helps us learn from our mistakes, helps us figure out what our next product should be, what we need to fix, make better, and how to better serve our amazing customers. Thankfully we hear very little bad, no ugly, and a whole lot of good. And a lot of you like to share the good online, something we love to see and hear. Here are a few examples of some of what they are saying about Outplay on Twitter.

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Outplay customer comments what-they-are-saying-about-outplay

Have some feedback for us? Let us know. Tweet us, message us through Facebook, email us, or give us a call.

We love hearing form you!

December 08, 2016 — Outplay
Jammers are coming! Jammers are coming!

Jammers are coming! Jammers are coming!

 Jammers are coming!

You spoke and we listened. Jammers are coming and they are coming in several ways.

We are a small company and completely self-funded so it takes us a bit longer to get new products out and ready for all of you. But that doesn't mean we don't listen to you and your comments and suggestions. We do!! Thats why we are working on our new jammers!

We are introducing our first jammers as the Medina jammers, named after a stunning beach in Venezuela called Playa Medina. Its rows of palm tress lined up right by the sand inspired this first pair of jammers.


Playa Medina Venezuela Outplay jammer swim shorts

It's a solid colored jammer with a side stripe in another solid color, each one still part of our basic 5 solids so everything can still be mixed and matched.  The waist falls right below the belly button, very similar to our Tomboiers and Boi shorts. Its long enough to fall right before the knee.

Outplay Medina jammer swim shorts


In order for you to be able to run or swim in the Medina jammers and have them stay in their place, we placed a silicone band around the inside of the hem. It's reenforced with an elastic band that keeps the jammers in place without being overly tight.

Outplay Medina jammer swim shorts knee hem detail black and grey


The jammers are fully lined in advanced technology spandex-mix fabric that dries extremely quickly and keeps you cool when needed. You can ride your bike, go for a jog, and jump in the pool for a swim, all in one pair of jammers and still look amazing. Heck, why not go for that triathlon while you're add it!

Outplay medina-jammer-bjm101-waist-inside-view

The first Medina jammers are going tone sold as part of a combo along with their matching Flatsea and soon after you'll be able to buy them individually as well, and in other color options too.

You can find the Medina jammer and Flatsea combo here. Quantities are limited with this first batch so if you want to give them a try or give this combo to someone as a gift this holiday season, get it now.

Is there a color combination you'd like to see us offer? Let us know, you know we're listening!


December 07, 2016 — Outplay
Tomboy Swimwear for Your Summer Lovin'

Tomboy Swimwear for Your Summer Lovin'

Tomboy Swimwear for Your Summer Lovin'
November 09, 2015 — Outplay
Outplay Joins DJ Whitney Day for PRIDE

Outplay Joins DJ Whitney Day for PRIDE

Outplay is joining DJ Whitney Day

to help kick off PRIDE week with a pool party!



 Outplay and DJ Whitney Day together for PRIDE


This kick-off party is limited to only 250 people and tickets are going fast so, to add to the fun, not only are we going to be giving away packed goodie bags to the first 50 people to arrive, we're giving away 5 tickets* to the


From May 19 to June 6, anyone who places an order for $50 or more will be automatically entered in a drawing for a ticket to the hottest PRIDE kick-off event of the season! So get ready for the party, get ready for the summer fun, get all your Outplay gear and lets head to the Dream Downtown and get wet!

Winners of the tickets to DJ Whitney Day's kick-off pool party will be announced on June 13 through our social media sites and our blog.

Each winner will also receive an email with all the necessary information. Good luck!!


*Outplay LLC is only responsible for the entrance ticket and is not responsible for travel, lodging, or monies spent at the event

May 19, 2014 — Outplay
Outplay tomboy swimwear featured in DIVA magazine's hottest summer looks

Outplay tomboy swimwear featured in DIVA magazine's hottest summer looks


Tomboy Swimwear Featured in DIVA Magazine's

Hottest Summer Looks

We've crossed the big pond! Check out Outplay in DIVA Magazine

Outplay was asked to be part of a very fun photo shoot in the UK featuring different types of swimwear for the summer season.

Check out this summer's hottest looks.

This is the result thanks to the amazing Bella Q.

Outplay tomboy swimwear featured DIVA magazine hottest summer looks

 Outplay tomboy swimwear featured in DIVA Magazine magazine hottest summer looks:

18 Swimwear Ideas for your last minute getaways


Outplay tomboy swimwear Flatsea top and boi shorts in black tomboy queer swimwear

Model on the grass is wearing our Flatsea top and Boi shorts, both in black



Outplay tomboy swimwear Swimmee compression/binder top and Tomboier shorts DIVA magazine


Model in the navy blue two piece is wearing our Swimmee top and Tomboier shorts

Outplay tomboy swimwear Swimmee compression/binder top and Tomboier shorts


A closer look of the Swimmee tops and the Tomboier shorts


If you want to see more of our photo shoot with DIVA magazine and the incredible Bella Q, check out her post on some of what went on backstage, all on bellaqvist.com
May 18, 2014 — Outplay
Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes and Otherwise-Identified Summer lovers

Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes and Otherwise-Identified Summer lovers


Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes & Otherwise-Identified

Summer lovers

Its not officially summer yet but the sun is out and its time to hit the beach! Its time to hang out with your friends and stick your toes in the water.
But does summer time, pool parties and beach outings get you all unraveled because you're tired of not having something comfortable to wear while looking and feeling like your stud self? That's why we created Outplay.

Its been in the works for some time now, and after listening closely, we have come up with our first (of many more to come) styles of tops and bottoms for your summer time fun. So for all butches, bois, femmes, and otherwise-identified summer lovers, we've got you covered! We're introducing our basic pieces first and we will continue adding new styles and colors with time.

Lets start with tops.

Our first 2 pieces include the full coverage top and the mid-drift top. Both are offered with light compression or high compression.
High compression tops will have a very strong hold on your chest, acting similar a binder (but they are not binders as they are swimwear and stretch with your body). They will need a little maneuvering to get into, like a tight rash guard, but they fit comfortably around your chest and hold and tuck what needs to be. It moves with you and no one will ever notice you're wearing anything constraining.
Tops with light compression will hold back nipples and give you a semi-biding look, so if you've had top surgery or just have small breasts and all you need is that extra help to flatten them, or just want to keep everything in place, light compression is perfect for you. It feels like a well fitting sports bra.

This is our mid-drift with a light compression in a size S. We called it the Swimmee

Outplay tomboy swimwear - Swimmee

Outplay tomboy swimwear - Swimmee Mid-drift binder top in navy


This top covers just what you need covered, and holds everything in place, while still allowing for full movement. The neckline is high enough to cover any type of cleavage but is still low enough to feel as comfortable as a T-shit neckline.

Outplay tomboy swimwear back view of a Swimmee


If you're comfortable with a little more covered up, then basic top #2 is more your style; we call it the Flatsea. This swimwear top covers everything it needs to cover and holds in what needs to be held back. Neckline is high, similar to the mid-drift top, and armholes are high as well. In these shots, Alex is wearing a size M so it fits her a little loser and has less of a binding-like effect but still keeps everything where it should and covers what needs to be covered. Keep this in mind when deciding what size to order, its a personal choice.

Outplay tomboy swimwear Flatsea in black front view


Outplay tomboy swimwear Flatsea in black front view


Now lets take a look at the briefs.

Our first two choices are both in the matching Lycra but differ in length. Waist bands are 1" wide and fall slightly above your hips, just like a pair of pants.

Here you see the short briefs in navy and the long briefs in black.

Outplay tomboy swimwear Swimmee and Tomboier shorts


Outplay tomboy swimwear Boi shorts and Flatsea front view




The short briefs (we call them Tomboiers)  fit like short boxer briefs while the longer shorts (we've called Boi Shorts) are close to 3" longer.

Every piece is sold separately so you can mix and match color and sizes. Our first color selection will include a few basic colors and as we grow, we'll continue to add not only new styles and cuts, but of course, new color options as well.

Our first color options are Black, Grey, Navy, Red, & Outplay blue



So go check them out and order them while the sun is still out and hot! Just go to our menu under swimwear or click on the link here.

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list and join us on Facebook so you don't miss out on everything Outplay!

Remember, we're here for you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, send them our way via email, Facebook, Twitter, or just leave us a comment right here.

May 16, 2014 — Outplay
Our Soft Launch and Pre-Order Sale

Our Soft Launch and Pre-Order Sale



Our Soft Launch and  Pre-Order Sale

Hi everyone!!

We're so excited to have you join us today, as we finally soft-launch Outplay!


Its been in the works for some time now and we've been working so hard to design and produce the very best products specially for you. Now its all here, ready to be offered to you, and just in time for summer.

Now, whats a soft launch you may ask yourself. Well, lets call it an unofficial launch. We're offering our first products to you at amazing prices, some up to 60% off, but only until June 15. We start shipping pre-orders out the first week of June and even though the prices aren't full retail price, you will still get free shipping on all orders over $75.

In the coming weeks, before our pre-order sale is over, we'll be adding more products and all at great deal prices. Right now, check out the amazing binder swim tops. There's nothing else like them in the market, not even close! Our first two styles are full coverage we called the Flatsea and a mid drift top we've called the Swimmee. They come in low and high compression, depending on how tight you prefer to keep your chest. Wear them on the beach or wear them under your clothes, you'll find many ways to pair them with our very cool boardshorts or even your favorite pair of jeans.

Then in June we launch officially, with the help of some very cool friends, and a big dance party, so get your gear now and get ready to ride this wave with us!


Welcome to Outplay!!


May 15, 2014 — Outplay