Outplay Arenal pullover sweater in black with grey logo over right sleeve

Arenal Sweatshirt

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The Arenal sweatshirt is made of a mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester making it a super soft french terry you will love. It's perfect for a chilly day under a jacket or a over a t-shirt on a cool spring morning. We've made this sweatshirt out of organic cotton and recycled polyester, so you know you're not getting any chemicals on your skin and they are sustainable as well. Good for mother Earth. It has a two inch embroidered Outplay wave logo over the left arm, also made with sustainable materials and is toxic free. 

The yarns used to make the Arenal are comprised of a variety of recycled bottles. This can make it difficult to get consistent lots of fabric, and there may be some slight color imperfections sometimes. It can also create different feel of the fabric sometimes between sweaters but they'll always feel warm and soft.

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