Models wearing Outplay sports bras Granate in white and Granate in black and white and Outplay leggings sitting on a hammock outside by large trees. Models are holding cups with an Outplay blue drink - gender neutral activewear

Compression Sports Tops

Compression Sports Tops

Outplay isn't just swimwear anymore

Outplay started as a swimwear brand but over the years we've added a lot more than just swim suits.

We know your favorite Outplay products are our compression tops. And after hearing so many of you tell us you were wearing your Swimmees and Flatseas under your clothes or to the gym, we knew we needed to make products that kept you cool, looked great, felt amazing, and provided the support and compression you've come to know Outplay for. 

Activewear is so much more than something you wear to the gym. Nowadays activewear is what you wear all day, to the grocery store, to lounge around, to run errands, and everything in between. So we made sure to make our sportswear as comfortable and durable as possible and still offer you different levels of compression to fit your desires. 

Here's a little about each one of our compression tops. 

Outplay Granate racerback compression sports bra product image -  gender neutral activewear in low and high compression


The Granate is a racerback sports bra made with an extremely durable and moisture-wicking material. It's fully lined and is super soft to the touch. Similar to the Swimmee, the armholes are cut high and the neckline is cut high as well in order to avoid any cleavage or spillage. The top has a thick 2" elastic band that falls mid-torso, giving you full coverage without having a full length top on.  The Granate sports bra is available in low and high compression in all sizes and is perfect for everyday, all-day wear. 


Outplay Caroni compression sports bra product image  - gender neutral activewear in low and high compression


The Caroní sports bra is very similar to the Granate but it has a much deeper racerback cut leaving much more of the back exposed. With a high neckline and cut close to the arms, it covers enough in the front to avoid any spillage. It falls around the ribs mid-torso and has a branded elastic band that helps hold it all in place.  Made in super soft, high-quality poly-mix fabric, the Caroni is super wicking, so no sweat marks and will last you ages. It's available in both low and high compression for all sizes as well. 

Outplay Aroa racerback compression sports bra - gender neutral activewear in low and high compression


The Aroa sports bra is very comfortable while still providing that support you expect from an Outplay compression top. Also cut with a high neckline and armholes, this sports top has front-side mesh panels that hug the front armholes and continue down the racerback. The white mesh material is soft like butter and helps keep you felling and looking extra cool. Perfect for low impact sports anda activities, or just an all-day sports top. Offered in both low and high compression, the Aroa is machine-washable and is sturdy and long-lasting so it doesn't end up in a landfill after a few wears. 

Outplay Campo Alegre shorts-sleeve compression sports top product image - gender neutral activewear in low and high compression in black and white


Campo Alegre

The Campo Alegre sports top is a unique compression top since it's a short-sleeve top and covers the chest area completely. Fully lined, it's perfect for activities from contact sports, bicycling, or weight-lifting, to going out to a get-together in total comfort. Made in super soft material that is moisture wicking, the Campo Alegre sports a high neckline and shorts sleeves. The full coverage midriff sports top is available in both low and high compression and is fully machine-washable. 


Outplay Tux Crest sports bra - gender neutral activewear - no compression product shot in black and white

Tux Crest

The Tux Crest is made in Suplex, which is a a highly-advanced fabric that keeps its color and shape regardless of how much you wear & wash it. With a high neckline and close-cut armholes, this sports top gives you complete chest coverage and support without any compression. Very easy to take care of and super comfortable and soft, you'll want to wear the Tux Crest all day long. 


Being comfortable and feeling confident in what you wear in and out of the water is a priority for us at Outplay. Making sure your sportswear holds up to whatever activity you do and lasts you for many, many wears to come is something we take seriously, not only for you pocket but for our earth. 

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