Jammers are coming! Jammers are coming!

Jammers are coming! Jammers are coming!

 Jammers are coming!

You spoke and we listened. Jammers are coming and they are coming in several color ways.

We are a small company and completely self-funded so it takes us a bit longer to get new products out and ready for all of you. But that doesn't mean we don't listen to you and your comments and suggestions. We do!! Thats why we are working on our new jammers!

We are introducing our first jammers as the Medina jammers, named after a stunning beach in Venezuela called Playa Medina. Its rows of palm tress lined up right by the sand inspired this first pair of jammers.
 Playa Medina in Venezuela

It's a solid colored jammer with a side stripe in another solid color, each one still part of our basic 5 solids so everything can still be mixed and matched.  The waist falls right below the belly button, very similar to our Tomboiers and Boi shorts. Its long enough to fall right before the knee.


In order for you to be able to run or swim in the Medina jammers and have them stay in their place, we placed a silicone band around the inside of the hem. It's reenforced with an elastic band that keeps the jammers in place without being overly tight.

Outplay gender neutral swim jammers swimwear activewear detail shot of leg


The jammers are fully lined in advanced technology spandex-mix fabric that dries extremely quickly and keeps you cool when needed. You can ride your bike, go for a jog, and jump in the pool for a swim, all in one pair of jammers and still look amazing. Heck, why not go for that triathlon while you're add it!

Outplay gender neutral swimwear jammers Medina black and grey waistband details

The first Medina jammers are going tone sold as part of a combo along with their matching Flatsea and soon after you'll be able to buy them individually as well, and in other color options too.

You can find the Medina jammer and Flatsea combo. Quantities are limited with this first batch so if you want to give them a try or give this combo to someone as a gift this holiday season, get it now.

Is there a color combination you'd like to see us offer?

Let us know, you know we're listening!



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