Outplay at Art Basel Miami

Outplay at Art Basel Miami

Outplay will be walking down the catwalk during Art Basel Miami 2019

For those of us who live in Miami, we know Art Basel is a big deal and a lot of us look forward to this huge overload of art and artists that takes over for a few days every December. People come from all over the world to show their work to thousands of people, galleries, art collectors, etc.

It's hard to explain how amazing Art Basel is for those who've never attended or who aren't necessarily art lovers, but Art Basel has grown so much that it's more than just paintings hanging on a wall now.

Art Basel started in 1970 as a contemporary art fair in Basel, a cultural hub in northwestern Switzerland. In 2002 Art Basel made it's debut on Miami Beach where it was basically art galleries and independent artists exhibiting their work. Today Art Basel Miami welcomes over 90,000 visitors and displays work from over 250 galleries from all over the world. This has lead to satellite art fairs to pop up all over Miami that include not only galleries and smaller artists, but also other kinds of artists and presentations.

Today even clouting brands use Art Basel as a launching pad, presenting new brands, new collections, or new ideas to the world.

This year, Outplay was invited to be part of Art Basel by showing our gear on the runway at Pridelines and we can't be more excited!

Pridelines will be holding their first ever Art Basel event. It will be a 3 day event starting December 6 with "Fashion Forward" an evening indulging in the art of performance and style. Outplay will be walking down the catwalk on Friday showing off our swimwear and sportswear gear.

Pridelines Art Basel Miami 2019 event with Outplay  event information

If you're in Miami, we'd love it if you joined us!

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