Size Chart Changes for Outplay

Size Chart Changes for Outplay

Size Chart Changes for Outplay


We've tested, listened, and tested some more. Then we listened some more and thanks to your feedback, we've made some changes to our size charts.

 We've made some changes to our size chart at Outplay. These changes are effective as of July 15, 2014 and if your order hasn't shipped out yet, you will get an email from us double checking your size and your measurements so you get the right sized product from us.

We moved a few things around, made a few adjustments here and there. We lowered the neckline on both our Flatseas and Swimmeesso the neckline isn't too close to your neck, and we adjusted the cut and sizing to both tops so they are closer to your body and fit nicer. They are tiny details that will make a world of difference when you wear any of our swim tops. On our swim bottoms we adjusted the sizes a bit, a few more changes that will make them fit even better than before.

We were now able to add XL and soon will be adding XXL sizes as well. Our sizes are now  truer to size and there is also a better selection for those of you who are XS and S. A closer fit for each size and much more similar to what you wear everyday. Always keep in mind you shouldn't get stuck on the idea of the size, but how the clothes fits on you and how it makes you feel. You might fall under a size M or close to an M but you feel more comfortable in an L or the other way around.

When you check the size charts, remember the measurements on the chart refer to your body measurements and not the dimensions of the clothing itself. Also keep in mind, if you're checking the size chart in order to decided what size would be best for you to purchase your swimwear in, swimwear does stretch quite a bit so if you're between sizes, go for the smaller size.

Please always refer to our size chart when making any purchases from our online store. If you have any feedback for us, please write to us, we love hearing it, the good and the bad. Your feedback is what allows us to do better and make a better product for YOU!


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