Outplay's PRIDE collection

Outplay's PRIDE collection

Outplay's PRIDE collection

PRIDE Miami Beach is this coming April

(yes, it's a little early compared to everyone else in the US but the weather here is just too perfect to not start early).

Here at Outplay we decided to start a new tradition when it comes to Pride. This year we will kick off our annual limited edition Outplay PRIDE collection, which will be available in limited quantities and for a limited time only, every year. Each year we will have a new print and new collection to celebrate PRIDE, starting in April.


This year we created a print by using images of PRIDE events throughout the world and added our own flare.


Outplay Pride collection North Bondi swim top and SoBe shorts


We searched all over for the perfect images and we found tons of amazing photos by great amateur photographers. The names of each of the photographers are by their photo so it's like you're wearing these photographers' signed artwork all over. We added a lot of color and digitally printed it all on our fabric to make the entire collection stand out and celebrate Pride. We also named each piece after LGBT-friendly beaches all over the world.

The collection includes two tops: the Notrh Bondi, which is cut like the beloved Swimmee and comes in both high and low compression, and the Playa Delfines which is cut like our Flatriver and will also come in low and high compressions. The tops include the print on the front and the backs are in either solid black or solid navy. Both the same color and shade as our solid bottoms so you can mix and match with any solid bottom in the store. Bottoms will be the SoBe (of course, in honor of South Beach) which are cut like our famous Tomboiers, and a new one for us, the Playa Dulce Vida, which is a capri legging that hugs your body all the way down and kisses your rear.



Playa Dulce Vida Pride leggings Outplay front view



Playa Dulce Vida Pride leggings Outplay back view - Outplay Pride collection swimwear






Outplay Pride racerback Playa Delfines- Outplay Pride collection swimwear




All of the pieces will be offered at our special pre-order discount prices (20% off) for the first 2 weeks (March 15 - March 31, 2018) and orders will begin to ship out to everyone within the first 2 weeks of April.  If you want to stand out this year for Pride wherever you are in the world, or any time this summer, this collection is made just for you.



Outplay Pride collection 2018 swimwear


You can find them all on our main menu under collections, under PRIDE.

Let us know what you think and if you have ideas for next year's collection, let us know in the comments below.


Happy Pride!


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