Inside a factory in Colombia that makes Outplay products

Where are Outplay products made?

Where do we make Outplay products you ask

We get asked a lot about where we make our products and it’s a topic we love to talk about. 

Where we make all our products at Outplay is incredibly important to us. It’s not just where but who makes them, how they’re treated and paid, how earth-conscious are the facilities and how well the garments are made so they last as long as possible.

Seamstress working on sewing an Outplay compression top

Our products are made in Colombia, in South America. Most people immediately think we chose Colombia because it’s less expensive but that would be a wrong assumption. It always depends on who you work with and what values you stick to when choosing the factories to work with. Could we find factories that could make our products for much less? Probably. Is that a priority above everything else? No, definitely not.  


Inside factory that makes Outplay clothing



We’re about slow fashion at Outplay, which means it’s more important to us to make a well-made product that will last years to come, out of material that is as eco-friendly as possible, safe and non-toxic, and made by people who are being treated and paid fairly and who work in great conditions. It’s also important to us that we make our products out of the best materials and Colombia is home to one of the most advanced textile industries in the world when it comes to everything activewear and swimwear. Advances in fabric development are important to us as we are always looking to make better, more sustainable products within the limits of activewear. 


Inside factory that produces Outplay clothing - view of the cutting table for production fabric


In order for us to start to work with a factory, our founder Marialexandra travels to Colombia to meet with the owners of the new factory. Because we’re based out of Miami, FL it’s a short flight to and from Colombia so visiting the factories is very accessible. She goes to the factory and takes a complete tour of the facilities and gets to meet people who work there and sees how things are run. 


Founder of Outplay checking out new samples and fabrics for Outplay products


Once we start working with a factory, they become an extended part of our tiny magical team. Their values align with ours and we've built great relationships with each factory we work with. 


Seamstress working on an Outplay swim top in the factory


Creating new products and producing all your favorite Outplay products is something we take great pride in. How the Outplay products you enjoy are made and how ethical the entire process is, is part of what we take so much pride in. When you purchase an Outplay product you can feel secure the supply chain is ethical and as earth-friendly as possible. 

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