OUTPLAY duffle gym bag

Cuyagua Duffle Bag

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The Cuyagua duffle bag is that special friend that’s waiting for you every time you walk out the door. You shove it into tiny spaces like your desk drawer, or under your car seat when its empty but you swear you might need it any minute so you rather keep it close by. When you fill it up, you stick it into your gym locker, jam-pack it with a pair of boxing gloves, water bottles, towels, a couple of protein bars, and a tampon you forgot was even there, and yet it’s still there, patiently waiting for you the next time you’re ready to sweat. It never complains and always makes you look really good.
  • Nylon Pack Cloth (100% Nylon 420 Denier) construction
  • Dimensions: 20" x 9" (50.8cm x 22.86cm)
  • Nylon zipper closure
  • Dual handles
  • Fabric weight 6.5 oz/yd² (219 g/m²)
  • Made in USA
The Outplay Cuyagua duffle bag, named after the town of Cuyagua in Venezuela. Known for its surfer-favorite beaches and amazing view of the Cuyagua river disembarking right into the ocean.

The Cuyagua duffle bag is stylish, water resistant, versatile and durable. It folds easily into your luggage, and is big enough to fit everything you need for your next visit to the gym or the beach. All white with thick sturdy grey straps, it shows off the Outplay brand logo on one side.

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