Outplay was launched in 2014 with just 2 compression tops.

The flatsea

The swimmee

The two swim tops were designed and created for anyone who wanted to hold, flatten, compress, or just be comfortable.

Today we offer several styles and cuts available in different levels of compression, none, low, high, and super. And are now offered in fabrics specifically to be worn in the water, on dry-land, or just for leisure. Your choice in compression level depends on what you want to accomplish with the compression top and what feels most comfortable to you.

The different compression levels are accomplished by way of specific materials and strategic construction and layering of these materials.

No Compression

Tops with no compression are like regular bathing suits or sports tops. They are made in a variety of traditional fabrics used for swimwear and sportswear. They don’t have any additional support in them besides the actual cut of the garment.

Low Compression

Low compression tops have a special mesh material in the front part of the top. This mesh material is placed between the outer layer of fabric and the lining and it stretches differently than the inner and outer laters of the fabric. The lack of equal stretch in the inner mesh material creates a form of light compression over the front of the top.

High Compression

High compression tops offer much more hold as the special mesh material is layered in both the front and the back of the top, between the outer fabric and the lining of the top. This restricts the stretch of the top enough that it creates a strong hold on the entire area the top covers, creating a feeling and look of compression.

Super Compression

Super compression is our highest level of compression so far. It’s only available in the Flatsea S for now. This option includes the same mix of materials as the high compression top but has an additional and stronger fabric over the chest which compresses the targeted area even further. This is the strongest compression level we offer right now. It still allows you to move and be active for long periods of time without causing internal or physical issues.

You can find different levels of compression offered on our swimwear tops as well as our sportswear tops. Outplay compression levels are the same regardless of them being swimwear or sportswear and most of them (not all) can be used for either one as well. So going from the pool to the gym means you don’t need to change in some cases.

Please remember our compression tops are not binders. Depending on the size and fit you choose, they can serve very closely to a binder, but because of the materials we use in order for you to move, swim, and be active in these tops comfortably, they are never going to be the same as a traditional chest binder.