What Makes Outplay Compression Tops So Special

What Makes Outplay Compression Tops So Special

Let us count the ways... 

Outplay compression tops are unique in many ways. Designed to cover, flatten, hide, hold, or support with comfort in mind.

What makes them special starts with how we come up with each design, what materials we use, how we test each new style, and most importantly, how they make you feel. 

Let's start from the beginning. Each top is designed after a lot of research. A lot of time goes into listening very closely to what problems people have and how what they currently wear fits and solves (or doesn't solve) their problems. Then we go into design mode. 

Our original compression tops were designed with a lot of attention to detail. For both the original Outplay compression swim tops as well as compression sports tops, we designed the necklines higher than the average top in order to cover up any spillage or cleavage that may result from the compression created by the top. 

The armholes are cut close to the body in order to avoid any side skin or side boob. They are cut close to the arms without being too tight or close enough to be uncomfortable. They continue to give your arms full range of movement while keeping everything tucked in on the sides. 

Outplay model wearing gender neutral Outplay Swimmee compression swimwear top with details about the advantages of the compression swim top outlined.


Depending on the compression level you choose, the compression top will include a special mesh material between the outer layer of the top and the lining.

What's the difference between each compression level?

If you're wearing a low compression top you will have the compressing mesh material in the from of the top only. The back of the low compression top is made up of the outer fabric and the lining.  If you're wearing a high compression top, the special mesh material is found in the front and the back of the top, creating compression from the front and the back, giving you a much stronger hold all over your torso. This results in a flatter chest appearance and a much stronger hold. 

Which compression level is best for you? That depends on what you're looking to achieve with the Outplay compression top. What's special about Outplay compression tops is you have several cuts and lengths to choose from to better fit your particular body shape. The different levels of compression are the most special part that allows you to find the snug fit that helps you feel most secure and confident in your Outplay. 

Always remember that if you're not comfortable, have any trouble moving around or breathing fully and easily, please take the compression top off. Always think of your health and safety first. Outplay compression levels are a safer alternative to a binder designed to minimize your chest while giving you the confidence to go out and play. 

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